2013 Awards CFE of the Year


 Congratulations to our chapter CFE of the Year 2013, JP Ciudad!

The Board of Directors was pleased to present our 2013 CFE of the Year award to JP Ciudad at our annual holiday lunch and meeting on December 6, 2013. Mr. Ciudad was recognized for his excellence in significant financial industry fraud investigations for the past eight years.

Mr. Ciudad has contributed significantly to the enforcement of legal actions against financial services insiders engaged in gross misconduct. As a mortgage fraud investigator for the State of Arizona and a Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) Investigations Specialist, Mr. Ciudad’s résumé of assignments and duties primarily focused on the investigation of mortgage brokers, escrow agents and banking insiders responsible for financial losses to institutions and harm to consumers. Many of Mr. Ciudad’s investigations, at both the state and federal levels, involved significant administrative, civil and/or criminal actions and resulted in removal, lifetime prohibition actions, civil recoveries, monetary penalties and criminal convictions with prisons sentences.

The investigative cases Mr. Ciudad successfully pursued include financial institutions fraud involving false entries and records manipulation, commercial real estate loan fraud involving kick backs and misuse of proceeds, money laundering and shell entity schemes, elder abuse (financial), insider selfdealing and various other forms of improper or criminal activity.

During the unfolding and resultant harm to the US financial industry over the last few years, Mr. Ciudad has been instrumental in holding accountable some of those responsible and as a result he has received special achievement recognition from the FDIC for his investigative work.

During 2013, Mr. Ciudad’s investigative activities enhanced the safety and security of the banking industry and significantly contributed to the fraud examination profession. He is truly deserving of the Arizona ACFE Chapter award of CFE of the Year for 2013.