2011 Awards Results



Chapter president Erin Hager (r) presents the award to Patty Huling.

Congratulations to our chapter CFE of the Year 2011, Patty Huling!

The Board of Directors was pleased to present our 2011 CFE of the Year award to Patty Huling at our annual holiday lunch and meeting on December 6, 2011. Ms. Huling recently served on the Board of Directors, and is a founding member of the scholarship committee. We are happy to have this opportunity to thank her for all she does for our profession and our chapter!

A quote about Patty: “She truly is a leader and role model as she promotes strong ethical values and education in all areas of fraud prevention and detection... She is always willing to assist in activities, promotes community service in addition to this organization, offers knowledge and experience in the field of fraud and has truly been a wonderful friend.”

And a quote from Patty's acceptance speech (our speaker, Terry Goddard, quoted this during his presentation!): "I also want to personally thank and recognize each of you for their courage to stand up for doing the right thing… Fraud Examiners are different than everyone else: We are willing to stand up and make waves; we are willing to publically defend moral and ethical behavior, and as a result, we are not afraid to be unpopular…That is the reason this award means so much to me – it was given to me by an organization which represents Honesty and Integrity."