2010 Awards Results CFE of the Year



Chapter president Erin Hager (r) presents the award to Lindsey Perry.

Congratulations to our chapter CFE of the Year 2010, Lindsey Perry!

The Board of Directors was pleased to present our 2010 CFE of the Year award to Lindsey Perry at our annual holiday lunch and meeting on December 7, 2010. This award is to honor the individual who has demonstrated a commitment to justice and the courage to persevere against adversity.

Lindsey Perry, our CFE of the Year, provides an excellent example of the values that we as CFEs should uphold, and she shows us what our work can accomplish if we persevere. She has been a senior auditor with the Auditor General’s Special Investigative Unit for about 5 years. In that time she has worked on many cases that exposed public corruption, from theft to conflict of interest. Lindsey recently wrapped up a case that spanned several years and included monumental difficulties due to the sheer volume of records and witnesses and staff changes on both sides of the case. Her final report found that the former director of the a state department had been involved with improper expenditures of over one million dollars. As a result of her report, the former director was indicted on eight felony counts related to conflict of interest, fraudulent schemes, misuse of public monies, and procurement fraud.

A quote about Lindsey: “In her role, she speaks on behalf of the State to ensure that justice is served and that criminals are not allowed to just quietly resign and then move on to a victimize a new agency. She also acts as a mentor for new staff, provides fraud training within her office and to outside entities, and is always willing to pass along her knowledge or to lend a hand wherever it’s needed.”