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Kitchen on the Street

The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, Arizona Chapter, is pleased to partner with Kitchen on the Street (A Non-Profit Organization) this holiday season to serve the hungry and hurting of the community! Many children receive food through school lunch programs during the week but go hungry on weekends and holidays. Kitchen on the Street's mission is to provide these children with food on weekends and during holidays, in addition to the breakfast and lunch they may receive during the school week.

The Arizona Chapter has volunteered for a Bags of Hope packing on Saturday, January 11, 2020 from 9 am to 11 am. Bags of Hope are bags which fit in their backpacks that include individually portioned, shelf-stable meals and snacks for in-home weekend consumption. One family meal is included to encourage parent and child interaction during mealtime. These Bags of Hope are distributed at school on Friday afternoon, so children receive food and nutrition outside of School. Each bag contains 50 grams of protein and 20 grams of fiber. It needs no refrigeration and is easily transported home to provide consistent nourishment to a child in need.

If you cannot volunteer for our Bags of Hope packing, no worries, you can provide food or monetary resources to Kitchen on the Street through the Chapter’s own website location (see links below.). We will also be accepting food and monetary donations at our December training event (See food list.). Donations qualify for dollar-for-dollar tax credit off Arizona taxes. Individuals can donate up to $400, married couples $800.

The Arizona Chapter is requesting that members interested in assisting with this effort sign up to volunteer on the Chapters website,, or click the link below. If you are unable to make it on January 11th, please visit our Kitchen on the Street website location below to donate food or money.

Sign up to volunteer HERE

Donate Food or Money by clicking then “read more” for further instructions. (Dedicate monetary donations to AZ CFE.)

Specifics for our Bags of Hope packing event are as follows:

  1. Kitchen On The Street is located at 2650 E. Mohawk Lane, Suite 168, Phoenix, AZ 85050.
  2. Need minimum of about 25 volunteers and maximum of 35.
  3. Packing begins at 9:00 am sharp, please arrive at least 5 minutes early.
  4. Packing lasts about 2 hours or less, most jobs involve standing the entire time.
  5. Wear comfortable attire for packing food into shopping bags, boxes, and pallets. Only closed toe shoes allowed. May want a light jacket or sweatshirt as warehouse is cool.
  6. No open food is packed so no gloves, hats, hair nets, etc.
  7. Kids ages 10 and up are welcome to attend.

*Those of you who volunteer for the Bags of Hope packing on January 11th will receive a complimentary ACFE AZ Chapter t-shirt! We will be wearing these while participating at Kitchen On The Street to represent our organization.

Sign up to volunteer HERE

For more information about Kitchen on the Street, please click on the image above and search under Flyers.