AZ ACFE Recognition Awards

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The AZ ACFE Recognition Awards are presented annually to chapter members and others who have made significant contributions in the development of our Chapter and to the fraud-fighting profession.  We would like to recognize those individuals who consistently exemplify excellence in his or her area of expertise as a Certified Fraud Examiner.  The AZ ACFE is currently seeking nominations of CFEs functioning within our organization who demonstrate consistent excellence in practice.

Possible Awards:

  • AZ Sentinel Award (others considered)- This award is bestowed on a person who, without regard to personal or professional consequences, has publicly disclosed wrongdoing in an Arizona business or government entity.
  • AZ Guardian Award (others considered)- Nominees are chosen based upon their contributions in exposing specific acts of fraud and white-collar crime in Arizona, and/or through helping to shine a spotlight on issues central to fraud and the worldwide effort to prevent and detect it.  
  • Lifetime Achievement Award (members only) – for a lifetime of achievement in the detection and deterrence of fraud. To honor the individual who has demonstrated the true spirit of leadership to his or her fellow anti-fraud professionals.
  • CFE of the Year Award (members only) – for the CFE who has demonstrated outstanding achievement based on contributions to the profession and the community. To honor the individual who has demonstrated a commitment to justice and the courage to persevere against adversity.
  • Outstanding Contributor (members only)- An award reserved for the dedicated nominee who has made the greatest improvements to our chapter, working tirelessly to serve the needs of our membership.


Criteria for Selection

The strongest candidates will meet the following criteria:

  • Be a current member of the AZ ACFE, in good standing for at least one year
  • Be a Certified Fraud Examiner with at least two years of experience
  • Demonstrate outstanding performance in fraud prevention or detection
  • Serve as a role model to peers, demonstrating integrity and professionalism 
  • Serve as a mentor, challenging other CFEs to achieve their optimal level of accomplishment
  • Promote and advance the CFE’s role at local, State and National levels


Nomination Process

Only current members may nominate candidates. Nominees will be evaluated on the basis of their involvement in the AZ ACFE, specific fraud cases, participation in continuing education (i.e. presentations, workshops, & publications), contributions to other professional organizations and community service. To nominate a CFE, please fill out the online nomination form.






2019: CFE Prep Course and Exam Scholarship - Mitch Christianer

2016: Lifetime Achievement Award - Mr. Reid Pixler, J.D.

2016: Certified Fraud Examiner of the Year - Mr. Scott Weinberg, CFE, CPA

2016: Outstanding Contributor - Ms. Christina Altringer, CFE, CPA

2016: Special Appreciation - Mr. James Ratley, CFE

2015: Lifetime Achievement Award- Mr. Jason Kalish

2015: AZ Sentinel Award – Ms. Jackie Bloink

2014: Outstanding Contributor – Erin Hager

2014: AZ Sentinel Award – Dr. Sammuel Foote, MD

2014: AZ Guardian Award – Dennis Wagner and Craig Harris, Arizona Republic

2013: CFE of the Year - JP Ciudad

2013: Service Recognition - Nancy Stryker

2013: Special Appreciation - Industrial Commission of Arizona

2013: Community Involvement - Award David Collins

2012: Lifetime Achievement Award - Gary Mengel

2011: CFE of the Year - Patty Huling

2010: Lifetime Achievement Award - Larry Adams

2010: Leadership Award - Lois Folk

2010: CFE of the Year - Lindsey Perry

2009: Service Recognition - Krisa York